Your everywhere

My mind is sick .
You suffocate me.
I manipulate my life to have one glimpse into your soul.


We finally let go

You told me… It was complicated .. That our brains were wired differently ..that you could never be what I needed. That you would never be able to be needed. It hurts knowing I love someone that can not love me. You left the decision up to me .. It’s my choice to let you back in… My heart dangles on a string wrapped around your finger…

Somewhat freed

You gave me no closure however I have accepted that you have no desire to be there when I need’s fucked up that at times all I can think of is your hands wrapped around my throat. I begged you nice from my knees… And yet you pushed me away.. I could follow you to the beginning just to relive the start.. Maybe then we would remember to slow down at our favorite parts… All I wanted was you


I just need you to validate how I feel.. Do I even mean anything to you?
Was it all a lie inside my head?
Was it pointless to even care about you .. Do you know how badly you have hurt me? Do all these feelings mean anything to you?
I drive down the street and think what I really want to do is have a screaming match with you and tell you what an immature little man you are.. I want to punch you and beat your face in while I say hateful things to you.. Because you have left me feeling used.. You have left me feeling like I never mattered and that I wasted time on you.. Please just give some validation .. That this was not all for nothing ……….


Here we are sittling in silence…with the beat of our hearts going and the steady beat of music…its that awkward moment when I just want to scream ..but it just seems quite silly to do so..Its been so long since we did just this just sit…not drinking not fucking with each others heads..It seems almost surreal. I can not remember a time where I felt comfortable yet also in limbo of what to say..or do. 

Our lives seem to be going on two different directions and thats okay..I wish nothing more to be okay in the end..Things are changing so much drastically around me..I have a new job..not sure of what will come of that.. Its crazy to think that I will not be slinging coffee anymore. I am hoping this new job will give some needed stimulation to learning new things and not so much stress.. I am sure the whole idea of working big people hours will be awesome too..but will leave little time for relaxation with out children. I will miss my late night drinking and crazy outings..but it will be better for my marriage for sure. I will enjoy spending time with my children and my husband…but for sure will need to have some adult time scheduled in. 

So here I sit explaining all the crazy thoughts going through my brain.. and I am frustrated..frustrated that I can’t tell you any of it..

Crazy girl

Silence is making me crazy…
Crazy thinking of horrible things
Things I would like to do to make you feel
Feel something.. Anything…
Do you have the ability to feel anymore?
My world feels empty..
I shared my inner most convictions and you just tore me apart..
I left the ball in your court and you threw it out of bounds..
Why must you silence me?

Time for Nap

Only when my children when I feel I can do anything selfish…sometimes I wonder if all mom’s feel this way. I have begun to start trying to play the guitar least learning some feels good to be stretching myself a little..I have also been doing a little art..sketching and watercolors mostly..I came home last night and my husband had made me a little art space..I guess he started to feel bad that he has a whole office devoted to all of his science projects and computer things..Regardless it was a nice gesture and I was happy to have it.